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Film Director


Digital Cinema Specialist

Actual Director at B.S.S.-ART

Head of Independent Creative Association AVFILM Russia & CIS


My career is started in 1997 at television.
In the last part of 1999 I turned to cinema: a feature and documentary films production.


In the Digital Cinema I'm from 2000. Since middle of 2000 I started to use digital technologies in my film productions very intensive.  


Since 2002 I started to direct musical clips and advertising video too.


Since 2005 I am also working above development and improvement technologies Digital Cinema & HDTV, and above creation a new theory and adaptation the theory of the traditional production of the movies for Digital Cinema & HD.


All this time I kept my profession and continued to work the Director and to shoot feature films, documentary movies and music clips.


Sometimes I can shoot my projects as Director of Photography too, but my main profession was, is and will be Film Directing.


In my practical activity I am trying to keep a reasonable balance between traditional and digital technologies of the film production.



- feature films (movies); 
- documentary; 
- music clips;
- shows & programs for TV; 
- advertising video.


I always open for collaboration and for new projects.

I am interested for new areas of creativity and on-screen work.